Making it Happen

The ethos of the Trust is to work closely in, with and for the communities it serves to help identify and enable solutions to housing need. We seek innovative ways to enable the provision of affordable housing that is appropriate to local circumstances.

Through meetings, discussions and a housing needs survey organised by the Trust in association with the community council the level of need for affordable homes within a community can be determined to form the basis for the development of an action plan. Depending on the needs, energies, aspirations and commitment of the community this action plan can lead to a group or community led project to have the necessary and appropriate homes built in a way that might have seemed impossible or impractical at the outset.

The Trust has access to funds to, when suitable opportunity arises, purchase land suitable for development for affordable housing. Housing plots would then be sold at cost for self-build homes.

Training sessions and practical workshops may be set up by the Trust to introduce and develop skills and ideas for those people interested and willing to become involved.

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